Dec 23
Radio Stratosphere

The Zenith Radio Corporation ran consumer print advertising for it's top of the line Stratosphere Model 1000Z in magazines like Fortune and New Yorker. Their ad copy delivered a sales message to these publication's upscale audience by stating that "The Finest Homes in America Have Been Proud of Their Zeniths."


This rare 1935 Zenith advertisement goes on to say that Zeniths are America's most copied radio and that Zenith has enjoyed a greater increase in public acceptance more than any other manufacturer of radio receiver sets. In this ad Zenith boast of always having the highest in quality with no change now except in price ... $20 to $750 with over 40 models to choose from.

Zenith was very consistent in their promoting the Stratosphere radio with what has become known among radio collectors over the years as the iconic white cat. The Stratosphere cat was first use as a prop in brochures, dealer catalog photographs and then in consumer print ad illustration versions of the radio and cat.

Zenith's overall advertising campaign in 1935 consisted of full page and 3/4 page black and white ads that had the same advertising copy as this rare 1935 Stratosphere ad shown here. Zenith would just change out the radio each month showing regular magazine readers the verity of radio models in the 1935 Zenith radio model line. The Big Black Dial was billed as an easy to read feature and tuning was one of the key benefits touted by Zenith in all their 1935's advertising.

In 1935 Zenith would introduce a full line of radios from $20 dollars to $750. Zenith's marketing strategy was to position it's radios as high quality, great value with new product innovation. Zenith would try to target the more affluent, high end radio consumers in publications like Fortune Magazine in 1935.