Dec 23
Radio Stratosphere

Major Events That Happened In The Great Depression In 1933

  • April 13, 1933 the Zenith Radio Corporation sets in motion it's work on the Zenith Stratosphere 1000Z radio; which would become one of the greatest radio ever produced
  • The 70 story RCA building in Rockefeller Center opens and becomes NBC's radio studios in New York
  • On March 4, 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) is inaugurated as 32nd President, pledges to pull US out of Depression
  • On March 5, 1933 FDR proclaims 10-day nation-wide bank holiday
  • On March 12, 1933 FDR conducts his first "fireside chat" were he announces the "New Deal" a plan designed to pull the US out of the depression
  • Civilian Conservation Corp, begins tree conservation
  • Construction of Golden Gate Bridge begins
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is created to generate new jobs and power for rural America
  • Hoover Dam is completed
  • Adolf Hitler becomes German Chancellor
  • Reichstag (German Parliament) burnt down
  • "Enabling Act" suspends civil liberties in Germany
  • All political parties in Germany, except Nazi party, banned
  • Nazis Dachau concentration camp is created
  • The Nazis Gestapo founded
  • On March 5, 1933 Germany's Nazi Party wins majority in parliament (43.9% or 17.2 million votes) On March 23rd the German Reichstag grand Adolph Hitler dictatorial powers
  • Congress authorizes Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Jewish scientist Albert Einstein fleas Nazi Germany to the America
  • Germany leaves the League of Nations
  • Japan leaves the League of Nations
  • United States repeals prohibition of alcohol
  • Nevada becomes first US state to regulate narcotics
  • Wiley Posts becomes the first pilot to fly solo around the world
  • TWA takes delivery on the first modern airliner the DC-1
  • English scientists E. W. Fawcett & R.O. Gibson, accidentally discover Polythene
  • "King Kong" the movie, premieres at Radio City Music Hall &RKO Roxy NYC
  • The 1933 “The Century of Progress” Chicago Worlds Fair opens
  • NAACP begins coordinated attack on segregation and discrimination
  • The US Farm Credit Administration is formed
  • A major earthquake hits Long Beach, CA
  • March 14, 1933 Winston Churchill wants to boost England's air defense